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Sidney Stringer Academy Project

The aims of CLEER Ltd are designed to prepare young people for the world of work. Through


its Enterprise Projects CLEER provides opportunities for young people of school age to use their


academic abilities in a real and relevant situation to develop life skills including;


working with others; planning; using initiative and dealing with time scales.


In the Sidney Stringer Academy Project we worked with a group of 14 – 15 year olds who were


receiving additional educational support at the school. CLEER used two vehicles to achieve their


aims, the ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE) and the CLEER Calendar project linked


to the certificate.


The ASDAN CoPE was used to accredit the young people’s curriculum enrichment and extracurricular


activities and to certificate the wide range of personal qualities, skills and achievements they gained.


The CLEER Calendar project was the enterprise opportunity that enabled the young people to take


responsibility for designing, producing and marketing a school calendar for the following academic




The 12 young people involved showed higher levels of engagement in learning, leading to higher


levels of achievement. The students involve showed greater levels of interest and motivation which


acted as a vehicle to enhance learning in other areas of the curriculum, particularly in literacy,


numeracy and the humanities.


Working with CLEER, who acted an enabler, the school started initial steps in liaising with a


commercial printing firm. The firm offered practical help with the Calendar format and production


and possible work experience for the young people.


CLEER received positive feedback from the school who are interested in working with us again.



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