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Calendar Project

   The projects are delivered in a variety of ways, depending on the abilities of the students. We have developed a comprehensive series of differentiated worksheets, help sheets and PowerPoint presentations for both the Calendar and Yearbook Projects. The work is presented in modules. Each module has a Power Point presentation containing objectives, success criteria and activities with plenary questions and supporting printed sheets.  The font and background colour is chosen to maximize access for all students.  The Power Points and worksheets are differentiated into two levels as frameworks for activity by students taking into account their needs. Gifted and talented students will address the questions and tasks using wider research resources, both text and internet based.  These can be made available according to policy and resources at the education setting.

   The modules are designed to be used either in tutor time, PHSE or as stimulus for a launching yearbook production as an extra-curricular committee driven activity. The modules are numbered for ease of reference but the order of use can be varied by the staff using the resources.


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The yearbook, calendar and magazine projects involve the learning and practice of the following skills:


• Planning the project


• Costing the project


• Arranging meetings with agenda and minutes


• Working constructively with others as part of a team


• Communicating effectively with the team members, sponsors

 and customers for the product


• Making decisions


• Using initiative to solve problems


• Researching and finding sponsorship to help fund the product


• Researching the market for the product


• Advertising and selling the product


• Managing time and working to deadlines


• Evaluating the project


These are the "soft skills" employers are asking for.

CLEER Ltd session workers work with young people aged 14 to 19 years and with staff by visiting the school at regular, prearranged intervals to support them and assist in the planning of the next stages.